I worked as a designer & animator creating a cast of wonderful sealife characters for this audio visual work. Text below from The Sancho Plan website:
Spacequatica was initially developed as a 12-minute live performance for the Future of Sound tour organised by the musical pioneer Martyn Ware. As we perform both the music and characters live using our drumpads, the sounds of the various characters move around the audience in 3D space through the Illustrious Company’s unique 16-speaker immersive audio system. Visually and sonically, the performance takes us on a journey down through a musical ocean – from the surface, where schools of small exotic creatures are performed like phasing xylophones, through the deeper waters populated by dangerous robotic sharks, and on to the pitch black depths, where all we see and hear are rare self-illuminating species occasionally blinking out of the darkness.
We then developed the work into an “audiovisual aquarium” environment in which audiences could explore and play the different species of musical sea creatures themselves.
We were invited to run the Spacequatica Installation at various museums, galleries and festivals, including SIGGRAPH 2008 (Los Angeles, USA), Incheon international Digital Art Festival (Korea), Science Museum (London, UK) net.culture.space (Vienna, Austria), Science Center (Singapore), Ars Electronica Centre (Austria), Center for Contemporary Art (Kiev, Ukraine), Tyneside Cinema (Newcastle, UK), Sonic Picnic (Workington, UK), Cornerhouse (Manchester, UK), Automobil Forum (Berlin, Germany), Golden Square (London, UK)

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